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Union Issues and Conflicts

It is very frustrating when you are not receiving sufficient representation from your own Union. After all, they are your bargaining agent, and you have been paying Union dues all along. Under the law, Unions have the duty of fair representation, to represent employees through grievances and other mechanisms as per the Collective Agreement. However, many Unions fall short of this duty, and this puts unionized employees in a difficult position.


We are Toronto employment lawyers who recognize the difficult situation faced by many unionized employees. We are highly skilled in assisting you with union issues and conflicts. As independent legal counsel, we help advocate for your rights, and we have a winning track record in working with and (if necessary) against Unions at the Ontario Labour Relations Board, and at arbitrations.


If you are not getting sufficient representation from your own Union, and you wish to retain independent employment lawyers, contact us today for a confidential consultation.






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Toronto Employment Lawyers Union Issues and Conflicts
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