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David Contant

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Toronto Employment Lawyers

David Contant is an Ottawa employment lawyer, working in association with Randy Ai Law Office. He is a seasoned employment lawyer dedicated to providing unparalleled legal representation to clients across Ottawa, Toronto, and throughout Ontario. David was Called to the Bar in 2005 and has two decades of employment law experience. 


With a focus on areas such as wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, human rights violations, and workplace harassment and bullying, David brings a comprehensive understanding of employment law to every case he handles. He recognizes the profound impact that workplace issues can have on individuals and their livelihoods, and he is driven to deliver effective solutions tailored to each client's unique needs and circumstances. 


David is your trusted employment lawyer in Ottawa and beyond. With a passion for justice and a wealth of experience in employment law, he is committed to helping individuals navigate the complexities of their workplace disputes with confidence and clarity. Whether negotiating settlements, representing clients in mediation or litigation proceedings, or providing strategic advice and counsel, he consistently strives for excellence in advocating for the rights and interests of those he serves.

Throughout his career, David has earned a reputation in Ottawa and across Canada for his exceptional legal skills, his commitment to professional excellence, and his steadfast advocacy.  As a trusted ally in navigating the complexities of employment law, David Contant is your steadfast advocate, dedicated to helping you achieve justice and reclaim control over your workplace rights. If you are facing employment-related challenges or seeking legal guidance, don't hesitate to reach out and schedule a free legal consultation with David today. Your rights matter, and David is here to help you protect them.

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