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Wrongful Dismissal Lawyers

Have you just been fired? Getting dismissed from your employment can be a traumatizing and disappointing experience. In these difficult times, we will provide you with the legal guidance that you need in a timely and confidential manner. Seeking legal advice from an employment lawyer is crucial to enforcing your rights and knowing your options.

An employer does not have the right to terminate your employment under any circumstances. There are many circumstances when the termination of your employment is illegal. At Randy Ai Law Office we offer you some of Toronto's best employment lawyers who are highly qualified to take on your case. We will fight for your rights when you have been subject to wrongful dismissal, unjust dismissal, unlawful dismissal, termination for cause, or termination without cause.

If you are looking for a qualified Toronto wrongful dismissal lawyer or Toronto employment lawyer to represent you, call our law firm today for a free phone consultation. Remember to ask us about our contingency fee options if you are concerned about legal fees.



Do not automatically accept your employer's initial offer in the termination letter if you have been wrongfully dismissed. Speak with an employment lawyer first. Employers usually dismiss employees by giving the employee a termination letter together with a Full and Final Release. By signing this document, you will forfeit your legal rights and lose your ability to commence a wrongful dismissal lawsuit in the future. If you suspect you have been wrongfully dismissed, contact us for a free phone consultation before signing any documents. 





Toronto Employment Lawyers
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