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When do I need a Toronto Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer?

Experiencing a termination can be one of the hardest things to go through in life. Whether you were wrongfully dismissed, terminated without cause, terminated with cause, or forced to resign, the disappointment and frustration associated with job loss can traumatic and emotionally damaging. The Toronto dismissal lawyers at Randy Ai Law Office have provided legal consultations from hundreds of clients, and one thing that we know for sure is this: getting fired is not a pleasant experience.

However, take a deep breath, do not take it personally, and remember the following things if you have been fired. First, never sign any documents from the employer without consulting with a lawyer first. Very likely you have been presented with a Full and Final Release which the employer has asked you to sign. If you sign this document, you lose your legal rights to sue the employer in the future. Second, review the severance package presented by the employer. If you have any doubts or questions about the severance package, we strongly recommend that you speak with a Toronto termination lawyer or Toronto dismissal lawyer. Third, locate your original job offer, employment agreement, or employment contract. This is a very important step, because often your rights upon termination are found within the provisions of your original job offer, employment agreement, or employment contract.

Have you been fired? Experienced wrongful dismissal? Terminated without cause? We recommend that you contact a Toronto dismissal lawyer to provide you with a free telephone consultation. Contact us today.








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