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Markham Employment Lawyer, Free Phone Consultation

Randy Ai Law Office (RALO) provides legal advice to clients in Markham, Ontario on all employment law matters. Our trusted legal team consists of employment lawyers, labour lawyers, termination lawyers, wrongful dismissal lawyers, constructive dismissal lawyers, severance lawyers, human rights lawyers, and workplace harassment lawyers. Are you seeking a Markham employment lawyer, Markham labour lawyer, or Markham human rights lawyer? We can assist you!


Contact us for a free phone consultation at 416-549-8004. Our experienced employment lawyers can help guide you through complex workplace disputes with your employer or company. If you have lost your job, if you have received a severance package, if you are thinking of resigning, if you are suffering from bullying or harassment at work, or if you are experiencing any other type of problem in the workplace, it is important that you educate yourself about your legal rights.

Worried about legal fees or prices? Depending on your case, our lawyers can often work on a contingency fee basis. This means that we only charge you legal fees if we are able to achieve a successful outcome for you. Feel free to ask us whether a contingency fee payment structure is available for your type of case.

We have a proud record of success. Our employment lawyers have assisted hundreds of clients in the Greater Toronto Area, Markham, and beyond. Our past clients often tell us that we are the best employment lawyers and top recommended employment lawyers for their friends and colleagues. This is because we have helped countless clients by improving their severance packages, negotiating on their behalf, representing them in lawsuits, and resolving their workplace disputes. We also have extensive experience with disability law, human rights discrimination cases, workplace accommodation matters, workplace bullying and sexual harassment litigation, Employment Standards Act and Ontario Ministry of Labour complaints, unjust dismissal applications, and employment law class actions.


We are excited to provide high quality employment law services to clients in Markham. Call 416-549-8004 today to speak with a Markham employment lawyer. Our initial phone consultations are confidential and free of charge.








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