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Alena Ledovskikh

Alena Ledovskikh employment law paralegal Toronto, top recommended labour employment law paralegal Ontario
Toronto Employment Lawyers

Alena Ledovskikh is a Toronto employment law paralegal working in association with Randy Ai Law Office. She is an experienced paralegal with over a decade of diverse experience spanning both the private and non-profit sectors. Alena brings a unique perspective to her legal practice, enabling her to understand and assist both employee and employer clients.

Alena holds a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management from York University, which, combined with her licensing as a paralegal, provides her with a solid foundation in employment law and human resources.

Alena is committed to providing effective and empathetic legal representation to her clients. She has experience with Small Claims Court litigation, wrongful dismissal cases, constructive dismissal cases, human rights applications, WSIB matters, and quasi-criminal issues. Her passion for advocating for justice and dedication to client satisfaction makes her a trusted ally for navigating legal challenges.

Alena owns her own private practice. In addition to working in association with Randy Ai Law Office, she works with other lawyers and paralegals in Ontario, making her a knowledgeable and well-rounded legal professional, with a diverse set of skills.

Alena enjoys sailing, skiing, and watching her son play hockey outside of her legal practice. This dedication to family life reflects her adventurous spirit and discipline, embodying her commitment to excellence in all aspects of her life.



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