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Toronto Disability Law 

Our Toronto disability lawyers assist you with all matters relating to workplace disability and disability law relating to your employment. The following are some of our legal services:


(1) We help our clients with disability discrimination issues and human rights law. Is your employer or company discriminating against you for having a disability? (Either a mental health disability or a physical disability). We can help you commence a human rights application or lawsuit, or negotiate with your employer for compensation in an out-of-court settlement.


(2) We help employees with workplace accommodations. Do you need to be accommodated due to a disability? Is your employer not accommodating you fully or properly? Our Toronto disability lawyers will assist you to ensure that you are properly accommodated at work.


(3) Having a disability at work or a work-related injury can be one of the most frustrating experiences. If you become injured or disabled at work contact us today. Our Toronto disability lawyers will represent you to ensure that your legal rights are protected.


(4) If you wish to leave the workplace due to a disability, we can represent you and help you obtain a severance package. Do not resign from your employment without consulting with one of our disability lawyers first.


(5) Have you been denied short term or long term disability benefits? Our lawyers, working together with other disability and personal injury lawyers in Toronto, will be glad to assist you. We have a network of legal professionals ready to help you with disability insurance claims, denials, appeals, and related issues.

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