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Job Offer Review


Congratulations! You have just been offered a new job. However, you have been asked to sign an employment contract. You are not sure you understand all of the terms of the contract, or even if the terms of the contract are fair. In truth, such contracts are usually drafted to favour the employer. The number one regret of many employees is signing an employment contract (also known as an employment agreement) without first reviewing it with a lawyer.


The Toronto employment lawyers at our firm help review your employment contract to ensure your legal rights are protected. We also help you negotiate with prospective employers so that you get better compensation, better benefits, and better employment terms even before you start your new job. 


By signing an employment contract without carefully reviewing it first with a lawyer, you could be losing a considerable amount of money and legal protection. If you are uncomfortable with the terms of the contract you have been offered, you have every right to negotiate a better deal. Employers are obligated to give employees a reasonable amount of time to review a job offer. Contact us today, and we will review your job offer and employment contract.








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