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Dina Arkhipov

Dina Arkhipov is a senior Litigation Paralegal licensed by the Law Society of Ontario and the founder of DA Paralegal & Notary Public Legal Services firm. Dina has worked in the legal industry for over 20 years. She has been practicing as a Licensed Paralegal since 2014 and has worked in association with Randy Ai Law Office since 2015.


Dina is an experienced employment law paralegal, who specializes in all areas of employment law, Small Claims Court litigation, and human rights law. The scope of her practice includes wrongful dismissals, terminations, workplace disputes, workplace harassment, severance pay calculations, unpaid wages, unpaid overtime pay, unpaid vacation pay, employment standards complaints, and human rights applications.


Dina is fluent in both Russian and English and is enthusiastic about her work and life. She is a caring and perceptive professional, who is passionate about helping others while also learning new things, embracing new challenges, and giving back to her community. She brings a conscientious and personal approach to all her cases and always puts her clients’ interests first.


Dina attributes her entire success to her son, who is her ultimate motivator and the biggest appreciator. In her professional life, she values honesty, integrity, and communication, and has an unwavering commitment to advocating for her clients’ rights.






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