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We advise a wide range of employers, from large corporations to small businesses, on all matters related to employment and labour law. We have a proven track record in providing legal and human resources advice that enable employers to effectively manage their employees, minimize legal risks, and reduce costs.

We are Toronto employment lawyers who assist employers in a number of ways, including drafting employment agreements and job offers, drafting discipline and termination letters, advising on workplace risk mitigation, defending employers in lawsuits, and conducting workplace investigations. Contact us today for a free consultation.




Subject-area knowledge is important for effective client service, at Randy Ai Law Office we are Toronto employment lawyers who help you navigate the unique challenges and opportunities of your industry. We have experience representing employers in the following industries, among others:

- Finance and Banking
- Insurance
- Information Technology
- Health Services
- Marketing and Advertising
- Government and Public Sector
- Non-Profit
- Hospitality
- Entertainment and Recreation
- Media (including Digital Media)
- Retail and Customer Service
- Pharmaceuticals
- Manufacturing
- Shipping and Transportation

Toronto Employment Lawyers services employers legal human resources

Services for Employers

Toronto Employment Lawyers
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