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Severance Package Review

Have you been fired from your job? Did you just receive a severance package or termination letter? You need to speak with an employment lawyer immediately to ensure that you are receiving the correct amount of severance pay and termination pay. Employers will often provide you with only a few days to conduct a severance package review. Consult with us today so that we may review your severance package, and simultaneously create a strategy to enforce your legal rights during your unemployment.


Our severance pay lawyers will provide you with an informed legal opinion about your legal rights to severance payments under the Employment Standards Act, contract law, and the common law. Too often, offers of severance pay made by employers after you are fired are much lower than what courts will award. This means engaging a severance lawyer is your first step in negotiating a fair severance package.

The Toronto severance lawyers and employment lawyers at our firm will help review your severance package in order to ensure that you receive your full legal entitlements under Ontario severance law. We are highly successful in negotiating with your employer to increase and improve your severance payments. In fact, we frequently help clients double their severance payments. Additionally, for clients who do not wish to pay legal fees upfront, we are often able to take on your case as contingency fee lawyers. This means your legal fees are based on a percentage of the improvement to your severance package that we successfully negotiate or achieve. 


Call now for a free phone consultation with an employment lawyer. Severance packages and severance pay calculations can be confusing. We can help you understand how to calculate severance pay after your termination, layoff, job loss, or wrongful dismissal. Our severance attorneys also help assist clients with all aspects of severance law, severance issues, severance negotiations, severance agreements, and even voluntary severance packages (for employees who wish to be voluntarily terminated). Looking for a severance lawyer near you? Call us today.






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