Severance Package Review

Did you just receive a severance package? But you are not certain if you received your full entitlements under the law? You need to speak with an employment lawyer immediately.


An informed legal decision is also a good business decision. Too often, offers of severance made by employers are much lower than what courts might award, meaning that engaging a lawyer is your first step in determining whether your severance package is fair.

The Toronto employment lawyers at our firm help review your severance package in order to ensure that you receive your full legal entitlements. We are highly successful at negotiating with your employer to increase your severance payments. In fact, we frequently help clients double their severance packages. 


Employers will often provide you with only a few days to review the severance package offered. This is why timing is so important. Consult with us today, and we will analyze your severance package and craft a strategy with you to enforce your legal rights.






Toronto Employment Lawyers

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