Employment Contracts & Policies

A written employment contract (also known as an employment agreement) is a must for any employer. Every day, many employers across the country incur unnecessary legal and financial liability by not specifying the terms and conditions of employment with their employees. Additionally, even though some employers already have employment contracts in place, these contracts may be out-of-date and require review and updating by a lawyer.


The Toronto employment lawyers at Randy Ai Law Office are highly skilled in drafting, reviewing, and updating employment contracts, job offers, employment policies, and employee handbooks. We help ensure that your rights are protected from the onset.


If you are thinking of hiring a new employee, or if you are thinking of updating your current employment contracts and policies, contact us first for a free consultation.










Toronto Employment Lawyers

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Areas of expertise include: employment law, labour law, wrongful dismissal law, severance law, human rights law, employment contracts, and workplace litigation. We are Toronto Employment Lawyers who value excellent client service. Call us for a free telephone consultation.

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