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Employment Law Class Actions

We are Toronto class action lawyers, with expertise in litigation and employment law class actions. We assist clients with systemic workplace issues affecting multiple employees in the same company/organization.


We can assist you and your colleagues on the following issues:


(1) Wrong classifications of employees as independent contractors. For example, you do the work of an employee, but your employer incorrectly classifies you as an independent contractor for tax purposes;


(2) Unpaid overtime, affecting multiple employees. For example, an entire department or group of employees who work over 44 hours per week, but do not get overtime pay;


(3) Unpaid wages, unpaid hours, or unpaid work, affecting multiple employees. For example, groups of employees working hours that they do not get paid for;


(4) Systemic workplace discrimination or pay equity matters. For example, a particular group of employees who are treated differently because of race, gender, religion, disability etc.

(5) Mass termination of employees. For example, everyone in your department is laid off, or everyone in your company is fired;


(6) Company-wide privacy breaches. For example, sensitive employee information is leaked to the public, or stolen by hackers or malicious actors; and


(7) Other issues affecting multiple employees.


If these factors apply you may have grounds for a class action lawsuit. Call us today for a free telephone consultation to discuss your class action matter directly with a lawyer.






Toronto Employment Lawyers
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