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Coronavirus/COVID Layoff, Free Legal Consultation

Call 416-549-8004 today for a free phone consultation. Have you been laid off due to COVID-19 or coronavirus? Has your employer forced you to accept a layoff or lay-off because of the pandemic? Have you been terminated or fired because of the pandemic, COVID-19 or coronavirus? You may have many legal questions or employment law questions related to COVID-19 and the pandemic. And you may wish to know your legal rights and employment law rights during this crisis.


Call Randy Ai Law Office today for a free phone consultation and/or free legal consultation. We are assisting clients specifically with legal advice related to coronavirus and COVID-19. We will help you understand your legal rights under the common law, and help you compare those rights to those found in the Ontario Employment Standards Act, with respect to layoffs and lay-offs. You may be surprised to learn that you do not automatically have to accept a lay-off or layoff.


Have questions about constructive dismissal? We will help you understand what constructive dismissal means, and why some employees may wish to claim constructive dismissal if they have been laid off by their employer or company.


Is your company or employer forcing you to perform unsafe work? Employees in Ontario have the right to refuse unsafe work. We will help you understand the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act, within the context of the pandemic.  

Have you been terminated or fired because of COVID-19 or coronavirus, or because your employer is shutting down its business? We may be able to help you negotiate a better severance package.

Worried about legal fees or prices? Depending on your case, our lawyers can often work on a contingency fee basis. This means that we only charge you legal fees if we are able to achieve a successful outcome for you. Feel free to ask us whether a contingency fee payment structure is available for your type of case.


Many employees are going through difficult times right now due to terminations, layoffs, dismissals, and unemployment. Call us at  416-549-8004 to speak with an employment lawyer to assist you any of these issues.








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