Aaron Zaltzman

Aaron Zaltzman is a Toronto employment lawyer working in the field of employment law, labour law and human rights law in association with Randy Ai Law Office. He is a passionate advocate who strives to work with his clients to secure for them the best possible outcome.


Aaron earned a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with a double major in Political Science and Psychology from Western University, and later earned his Juris Doctorate from Western Law. He completed his articles at a Bay street law firm in Toronto prior to joining Randy Ai Law Office.


Aaron provides services for both employers and employees, in issues related to wrongful termination, severance, workplace harassment, sexual assault, as well as discrimination and human rights. Aaron is known for his collaborative approach to client service, ensuring that every case is pursued in an individualized manner tailored to each client’s specific concerns, needs, and goals. This approach enables him to find creative solutions to resolve difficult and complex cases.


When not practicing law, Aaron is an avid reader, with a particular affinity for a good spy novel. He is also a passionate sports fan, and you can find him researching and writing about labour and CBA issues in the NHL and sports in general, in between cheering on his hometown Toronto Maple Leafs.














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