Sentil Thomson

Sentil J. Thomson is a Toronto employment lawyer and human rights lawyer working in association with Randy Ai Law Office. He represents both employee and employer clients in all matters related to employment law, labour law, human rights law, and workplace disputes.


Sentil has experience in a variety of practice areas including wrongful termination, just cause dismissal, workplace harassment and bullying, constructive dismissal, and discrimination and human rights. He also conducts employment agreement reviews and severance package reviews on a frequent basis. Sentil is passionate about educating employees and employers about workplace rights and employment law.


Sentil earned a Bachelor of Arts with Distinction in Political Studies from the University of Manitoba, where he was also a member of St. Paul's College. He later earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Manitoba, where he was an active member of the student-run Legal Aid Clinic. Prior to joining Randy Ai Law Office, Sentil worked at a full-service law firm in Toronto's Upper Village.














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