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Call 416-549-8004 today for a free phone consultation. Are you looking for a contingency fee employment lawyer in Toronto? Our Toronto employment lawyers can often take on your case on a contingency fee basis.

What is a contingency fee agreement? A contingency fee agreement is when our firm decides to take on your case without asking you to pay any legal fees upfront. Our legal fees are based on performance and results, and usually this means getting paid a percentage of your settlement or judgement at the conclusion of your case. Our legal services are free for you and there are no fees if we are unable to get you a settlement or judgement.

What is the percentage charged by the firm on a contingency fee basis? We do not have a set contingency fee percentage at the firm. Each case is unique, depending on the complexity of the case, the nature of the issues, the risk involved, and other factors. However, it is standard market rate in Toronto for many firms to charge approximately one third (33%) as the contingency fee.

What are the benefits of a contingency fee arrangement? With a contingency fee arrangement you reduce your risks and do not have to pay your lawyer if results are not achieved. For example, if you hire a lawyer on an hourly rate, even if you do not win your case, you will still have to pay your lawyer's legal bill (possibly thousands of dollars in legal fees). Under a contingency fee arrangement, this scenario will not happen. With a contingency fee agreement, you also "align the interests" between the lawyer and the client. This means that it is in the best interest of both you and your lawyer to be efficient, assertive, and fight for the best outcome for you, so that you receive the best settlement or judgement possible.

Contingency fee agreements are often available in cases involving wrongful dismissal, workplace harassment, just cause dismissal, constructive dismissal, terminations, severance negotiations, and other similar cases. One of our qualified Toronto employment lawyers and labour lawyers can review your case and advise whether a contingency fee makes sense for you.

Is a contingency fee arrangement available in every case? Unfortunately, we cannot do every case on contingency. Please contact our law firm and inquire whether a contingency fee structure can be applied to your case. Call us at  416-549-8004 to speak with an employment lawyer to ask about our contingency fees and competitive legal fee rates.








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